• MAKING PURPOSE WORK - with Generation Purpose.

    We make Purpose work. At the individual level, in teams and in entire organisations. Highly efficient
    online workshops with several facilitators lead to profound transformation within record time. The result: The Purpose is understood and supported by everyone, new things are tackled with high motivation, teams are united, trust each other and appreciate the diversity and authenticity within the team.

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  • Our offer is based on years of experience in the fields of Purpose and Collaboration with thousands of participants for companies and organisations that are active on a national or international level. Our products are tailored to teams and organisations that are short on time and want to move quickly in becoming a purpose-driven organisation with excellent collaboration.

    Join us for a free 30 minute conversation about Making Purpose Work. The founders of Generation Purpose (Nadja and Laurent) are thrilled to meet you! Just press the Red Button. 🚀

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    We spent 15 months developing tools, knowledge transfer, and workshops, and ran them with countless teams and organisations. Over 2,000 people were involved in our development process.

    The resulting 7 offers will provide you, your team and your organisation with a Purpose Boost, no matter where you are on your Purpose Journey.

    All our online workshops are designed for maximum efficiency, while everyone is heard and can contribute. We will enable you to get significant progress exactly where you need it.

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    collaboration | MY MANUAL

    In this entertaining online workshop, the operating instructions of all team members are created in just one hour. This is THE basic express collaboration booster for teams. PDF



    CHF 1'000.– (exkl. VAT)
    Available within a few days.

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    trust | TEAM PURPOSE

    During two intensive workshops, a team reflects on its contribution to the whole, formulates the common driver and sets concrete intentions to live the Purpose in everyday collaboration. PDF


    🚀​Fast Transformation Booster


    CHF 9'000.– (exkl. VAT)
    Available within a few days.

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    All team members define their individual purpose at work, what excites them about their job, they formulate their personal «operating instructions» and unique skills and share them with everyone in the team. PDF


    🚀​Fast Transformation Booster


    CHF 6'000.– (exkl. VAT)
    Available within a few days.

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    inspiration | KEYNOTE

    Inspire all people within your organisation by showing them how to Make Purpose Work every day. The interactive Keynote by Generation Purpose's founders shows lots of case studies, examples and best practices from organisations of all sizes. PDF


    🚀​Fast Transformation Booster


    free (NGO) / paid (for-profits)
    Available within a few days

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    knowledge | COURSE

    Get to know the best tools around Purpose and collaboration in a three-part course with peers from other companies, and share and implement what you learn in your organisation. PDF


    Pay what you wish

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    adrenaline | OKR ON PURPOSE

    In an agile quarterly cycle, a team agrees on ambitious goals and measurable key results that make a real difference. In weekly short meetings, the team collaboratively ensures that the goals are met. PDF


    CHF 10'000.– (exkl. VAT)

    Available within a few days

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    In two high-speed workshops, a core strategy and associated roadmap emerge that everyone is enthusiastic about and that addresses unmet customer needs, new insights or significant market changes. PDF


    🚀​Fast Transformation Booster


    CHF 14'000.– (exkl. VAT)
    Available within a few days

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    connection | EVERYBODY FOR PURPOSE

    All individuals and teams in the organisation connect with the company Purpose in an experiential workshop, figuring out how to bring the Purpose to life and defining their specific team contribution for implementation. PDF


    Per person CHF 250.– to CHF 450.– (exkl. VAT)
    (including 300 to 800 participants)

  • All offers in one PDF:

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  • Making Purpose Work and Generation Purpose on Social Media:

  • What people are saying at the end of our workshops:

    We make purpose work.  We are empowering people, teams and organisations to find and pursue their purpose.  We are discovering the knowledge of excellent collaboration and making it accessible to everyone.
  • Our Purpose:

    We make purpose work.  We are empowering people, teams and organisations to find and pursue their purpose.  We are discovering the knowledge of excellent collaboration and making it accessible to everyone.
  • What Purpose means for an organisation:

    The Power of Purpose

    Purpose is the driver, the core, the engine of an organisation.

    Purpose creates the unlimited energy to achieve great things together.

    • A clear and powerful purpose moves your organisation forward.
    • Purpose attracts the people who want to do meaningful work, contribute and make a difference.
    • Purpose transforms your organisation and makes it resilient.
    • Purpose leads to great flow within the whole organisation
    • Purpose enables everyone to contribute to the organisation in new and more powerful ways and to be committed to the organisation and its objectives.
    • Purpose enables everyone to make great decisions, wherever they are in the organisation.
    • Purpose enables everyone to set priorities and tackle the things that create most value.

  • How your organisation becomes purpose-driven:

    Making Purpose Work

    To unleash the power of purpose, we create new habits.

    • We start where we are now, do what we can and work with what we have
    • We acknowledge it as an ongoing journey
    • We create agreements on how to make our purpose work
    • We create a common language and unified decision making based on purpose
    • We enable everyone to contribute to the purpose with their strengths, unique abilities and skills
    • We create resilient systems that can learn and adapt to a VUCA environment
    • We create an environment that is based on mutual appreciation and support
    • We make space to reflect and adapt regularly, listening and valuing different perspectives
    • We create with and not for.

  • Our collaboration is based on our Manifesto «Making Purpose Work» by Generation Purpose:


    We are here together to do great things based on a common purpose.

    Let's get it done, together!


    For us:

    • We want to collaborate better to make great things possible.
    • We discover what excellent collaboration means to us and make this knowledge accessible to the whole team and those we collaborate with. It's an ongoing journey.
    • We choose to be led by courage, not by fear.
    • Our common purpose shows us the way and lets us stay in a positive flow while we navigate permanent change and uncertainty as a team.
    • We build the best solutions through meaningful conversations, through careful listening and transparent decision-making. We value intuition and things that cannot be measured.
    • We learn together by doing, reflecting and adapting. We experiment, fail and improve things together. To us, collaboration means: Get it done together!
    • We believe in collaboration that is fun and voluntary, where everyone contributes what makes the most sense to them and the team.
    • We let each other shine. We use our superpowers to enable each other. We accept each other’s shortcomings and help each other to grow and evolve.
    • Everyone is invited to play a vital part in what we create and to contribute fully. We are a team. The whole is much more than the sum of its parts.

    For me:

    • I come with a positive attitude and take care of myself to be able to care for others. I spread kindness and I am mindful of the needs of others. I listen more than I speak.
    • I give more than I take. I show up as human, bring my heart to work and carefully build trusting relationships. I reflect on my behavior and address my shortcomings.
    • I take on different roles: Sometimes as participant. Sometimes as facilitator. Sometimes I lead the way.
    • I contribute what is of most value to all. I share all relevant information and take care that others can take over my roles.

  • Contact by E-Mail and phone or WhatsApp:


    Nadja Schnetzler: +41792511156

    Laurent Burst: +41794113468